Go Global with Global English  Favorable balance of trade Situation that exists when the value of a nation’s export is in excess of the value of its imports. e.g. China Enjoys Favourable balance of Trade Balance […]

Favourable balance of Trade

July 19, 2016 (Excerpt from  The Hindu) Brit politicians are thinking only of themselves now: Ian Bremmer As the UK prepares to enter the Brexit process and re-negotiate its relationship with the EU, questions are swirling about the tone of PM May’s new government, what Brexit means for her and  what […]

‘Brixit’, What is it?

Meeting and Greeting people – Etiquette   You Don’t need to know any grammar rule to speak the following sentences, yet these are very important and friendly Expressions  1.When someone does a favour to you, say Thank you very much Thanks That’s very kind of you. Thanks a lot.   Reply to the above statement It’s O.K […]

Greeting in English